Conserving resources and protecting the environment

Waste management and product recycling is an essential component of Germany's resources efficiency programme. Besides other entries, Wikipedia contains the following definition of the traditional re-use or recycling of collected scrap:

"Scrap (...) is recyclable metal material that serves as a secondary raw material. It is created by the scrappage of products containing metal, e.g. cars and other vehicles as well as by the breaking of ships and aeroplanes when they come to the end of their useful life (old scrap). Scrap is also created in the metal processing industry in the form of chips from lathes or milling machines (new scrap) (...)",

Waste management and product recycling has also long since covered other materials. We specialise in collecting, processing and selling old metal, scrap metal, electronic scrap and industrial waste.

We make our contribution to conserving resources by treating materials by means of recovery procedures, in particular the recycling and recovery of metals, metal compounds and plastics from the original materials, separating them and providing them to customers in usable form, thereby keeping them in circulation.

Our work frequently results in secondary raw materials which in replacing primary raw materials not only prevent the consumption of such primary raw materials but also help to save energy in metal extraction through their substitutional use by comparison with metal production form iron ores.

Only approx. 5% of the energy required to produce primary raw materials is currently used to produce aluminium from secondary raw materials.

Steel constitutes the most recycled material, not least due to the facility it offers to be recycled almost any number of times. As well as the savings on energy and resources, the use of scrap in manufacturing processes in Germany avoids the emission of more than 20 million tonnes of CO2 a year - roughly equivalent to what a large town releases per year.

Moreover, we have defined internal targets to help conserve resources as part of our environmental management and our recently introduced energy management. The way in which the materials are processed/produced also reflects the concept of sustainability.